Kristy Simi

Commercial Agent & Property Manager

Kristy Simi commenced her journey in the Real Estate industry at the tender age of 18.  Starting out in Residential Property Management as Kristy had her own portfolio of personal residential properties, residential management was second nature to her.  After 6 years in a senior role, Kristy stepped into the role of Sales Manager taking her team to the highest earning office in Queensland at the time.  Yearning more of a challenge at 30 years of age Kristy purchased her own Real Estate Agency and remained an active Principal for 10 years.

With 2 young children it was a reluctant decision to sell the successful Agency, however juggling a family and a large franchise was extremely time consuming.  Retaining her love and obsession of the industry Kristy decided to take the role of Commercial Agent and Property Manager with Adams and Jones.  Her commitment to service and dedication to her Landlords and Tenants and desire to exceed their expectations is next to none.