Carol Tuohey

Sales & Property Management Support

Carol has been in the real estate industry for over 15 years. Since starting in the industry she has gone leaps and bounds. In her first year of real estate she was awarded REIQ Rockie of the year. Throughout her time in the industry Carol has worked closely with company directors as personal assistant for over 10 years. So when the challenge came to diverse her role to an office manager she again thrived and has since joined our team.

Carol works very closely with the property management team to make sure all items are actioned quickly. Carol has proved to be a valuable part of the team and has continued to thrive in this role. Carol continues to demonstrate an extreme attention to detail in her role. Carol would be best described as an extremely bubbly and outgoing person. Carol is a valued member of the property management team in our Sunshine Coast Adams & Jones Property Specialist office.