Shelley Britton

Operations Director

Attributing her success to a multitude of marketing and advertising strategies, coupled with a true love for property. Shelley’s prior experience in cultural development and integrity and values-based performance for individuals and groups has its advantages in terms of working well with various people that come from all walks of life.

Shelley understands that buying, selling and investing in real estate can be stressful. Shelley works hard to lower your stress levels and make your experience as pleasurable as possible. This is accomplished through consistent communication, correlated with the aligning actions.

She takes care in assuring that landlords, buyers and sellers needs are taken care of. It takes a clear understanding of people and these people come from all walks of life and their needs are varying and these needs should be treated as such.

Leadership is paramount whether you are working with your team to achieve an outcome or working with your clients. Shelley knows the importance of networking and building those long-lasting relationships.  This does not happen overnight and it’s a constant muscle that requires exercising.  A relationship is a constant work of art!

I always imagine that these properties are mine, and I ask myself if this were my property what would I do? I treat customers and my teams like family. I hold them close, keep them happy, and work with them to grow and prosper.

Customer service and attention to detail – skills that continually impress her satisfied real estate clients.