Jocelyn Rennex

Senior Property Manager

Jocelyn has been with Adams and Jones for over 2 years . Jocelyn has over 15 years of property management experience on the Sunshine Coast and now heads up our Emerald Property Management Team.

She is a property owner’s dream.  Regardless of where and what the property offers, you can trust Jocelyn to handle them professionally and effectively.

With a wealth of knowledge on how to make the most out of your investment property, Jocelyn’s advice and experience is always appreciated by landlords.

We offer a thorough screening process to ensure the right tenant is chosen for your valuable investment each and every time.

Jocelyn can help you find a great tenant, and can assist you through every step of the leasing and management process, to ensure that your transition is a smooth one.

So when it comes to leasing out your property, choose a highly respected property manager like Jocelyn Rennex.