Corona Virus (COVID-19)

As circumstances change, we know its important as our valued tenant, to keep you up to date.

“We’re open to look after you and your property” - what does this look like? 

Our offices here at Adams & Jones are currently remaining open, with our vigilant staff on the ground working to support you. If we were to close, we want to assure you that our staff are equipped and ready to work remotely, which will allow us to continue to manage your tenancy as required. 

The Government has recently passed some strict guidelines that will effect many businesses and therefore job security. If you find yourself in need of support and/or assistance, the following links can be of some guidance; 

Our priority remains with the health and well being of our team members, tenants and clients. We have put the following measures in place;

  • All Routine Inspections will now be conducted via a virtual inspection. This will mean that when your inspection falls due, tenants will be required to send through a walk through video and photos of their property, time and date stamped. All requirements will be emailed to you prior to your inspection.
  • Our staff are updated daily with any updates from the World Health Organisation and Australian Government. Any information deemed necessary will be forwarded to yourself, however we implore you to visit these sites for further information.
  • We will share vital information about COVID-19, its symptoms, tips for reducing the likelihood of contracting the virus and reinforced the requirement for the practice of handwashing and general hygiene.
  • Staff have been advised if they feel unwell to remain at home
  • Staff are equipped and ready to work remotely, so we will continue to manage your tenancy as effectively as possible.

We kindly ask you;

  • Ensure if you are in isolation, or are feeling unwell, to please notify us immediately.
  • If you are feeling any financial pressure, have been put on unpaid leave or are finding difficulty in meeting your financial contributions towards your rent or any other accounts, we kindly as you to reach out to your Property Manager immediately so we can discuss this with your Landlord and put a plan in place to help assist you during this uncertain time.
  • We understand that during this time, items such as toilet paper are proving difficult to buy for some, however we do ask you to be mindful of the items you are flushing down the toilets and ensuring toilet paper is the only item to go down the toilet. Please ensure wipes, sanitary items or any other products outside of toilet paper are thoughtfully disposed of in your rubbish bin. 

Please be aware, maintenance times for repairs may lag, as our trades and suppliers are affected with either self-isolation or the possibility of limited access to supplies. If you need to lodge a maintenance request, you can do so via our website, here you can also find guidance on our Rentals Emergency process.

Thank you for your understanding. If you have any further questions, you can contact me via email or online or visit us on Facebook.

We wish you, your family and friends good health during these times.


Further Information 

For Tenants -  Seek proof of COVID-19 impact and to request rental reduction letter

  • Contact Adams & Jones Property Specialists regarding your enquiry.